About Us

Evixpharma is a medium-sized pharmaceutical company which provides a full range of services for the development, manufacture, analysis, storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and cosmetics.
We work with pharmaceutical industries over 70 years of experience, which supply products to more than 40 countries worldwide.
the production and packaging areas are equipped with state-of-the-art machines, such as the tablet press Fette FE55, fluidized bed dryer / coater Bosch-Hüttlin HDGC200 and blister machine IMA C80/A81. Our employees are highly qualified and we have enough free reserve areas to expand our operating resources, if needed.
we are smart, efficient and 100 % committed to our customers!


S ervice Orientation
M utual Respect
A dvanced Technologies
R eliability as Your Partner
T rustworthy in Terms of Quality, Time and Costs

Another advantage is undoubtedly our high-performance logistics system:

• International network of long-standing and qualified suppliers
• Flexible adapation of purchasing according to customer's needs
• Spacious pharmaceutical storage areas
• Modern infrastructure of intra logistics
• Reliably and needs-based delivery due to streamlined processes


Small and flat organisation
Speed and decisiveness as an essential part of culture

German quality

Traditional company with a long history
Product specification
Quality assurance and product reliability
All relevant certifications on high level We are committed to implementing our strategy.
We concentrate on our key competencies.
We act consciously and purposefully and are aware of what we are not doing.


We only sell safe and reliable products.
We manage all available resources responsibly.
We take responsibility for our own actions and learn together from our mistakes.

Complexity management

Well-structured initiative process
Modular and standardized products
Flexible machine park
Outsourcing of value added steps

Nutritional supplements

Evixphrma”s nutritional supplements contain selected vitamins and minerals in a variety of doses and combinations delivered as effervescent tablets, chewable tablets, tablets to swallow, lozenges, capsules or powders. This means that nutritional deficits can be rectified whatever the individual dietary circumstances – for example, in cases of stress where there is an increased requirement, for sportsmen and women, for convalescents and during pregnancy.
But nutritional supplements can help your diet in your everyday life too. A change of lifestyle often goes hand in hand with irregular eating or an unbalanced diet, and this can have a damaging effect on your supply of vitamins and minerals. A needs-based dietary supplement can help to fill these gaps.

Medicinal products

Evixpharma can offer Medicinal products from our company stand out for their special combinations of ingredients, carefully chosen manufacturing methods and scientifically proven formulae.
Our brand has high-quality healthcare products for the whole family. The range includes specially formulated nutritional supplements to guarantee the perfect diet for all stages of life – from childhood to old age.
The evixpharma”s brand is particularly well known in the Middle East and Africa. There it meets the demand for quality products from Germany in the segments for immunity and colds, beauty from within, energy and performance, stomach and digestion and women’s health.
Evixpharma sells a wide range of products in Europe, Asia and Africa for nutritional supplements, medicinal products. Together with our local distributors, we coordinate the sales and marketing in each regional market. It is our goal to expand geographically and extend our network of distributors across the globe.




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