Evixpharma is a medium-sized pharmaceutical company which provides a full range of services for the development, manufacture, analysis, storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and cosmetics. We work with pharmaceutical industries over 70 years of experience, which supply products to more than 40 countries worldwide. the production and packaging areas are equipped with state-of-the-art machines, such as the tablet press Fette FE55, fluidized bed dryer / coater Bosch-Hüttlin HDGC200 and blister machine IMA C80/A81. Our employees are highly qualified and we have enough free reserve areas to expand our operating resources, if needed. we are smart, efficient and 100 % committed to our customers!

Our Services

Product development

Your project is in good hands here – we can give you advice, check your requirements for technical feasibility and provide support in legal issues concerning foodstuffs.

Quality and safety

It is our goal to fulfil our clients’ expectations and requirements with products and services of the highest possible quality and safety.

Packaging design

Packaging is not just something to protect the product – it can also optimise storage, transport and distribution.

Specialist supplier of high-quality medicinal products and supplements

  • Well known clients working in contract manufacturing and trade brands across the world also take advantage of our expertise in these areas.

  • We can produce your brand – from developing the product through to giving support on legal matters concerning foodstuffs, from packaging solutions through to logistics. With our expertise across all these areas and a flat hierarchy, we are able to react flexibly and speedily to individual client requirements.

  • We can solve even complex challenges with ease – using structured processes, modular and standardised products and our flexible range of machinery. And we guarantee the highest possible quality and safety for all our products and services.

Our Products


30 cellulose capsules, blister in folding box
• 21 nutrients for all three phases: Women with wish for a child, pregnant women and lactating mothers
• With folic acid, iron, iodine and bet a-carotene, DHE+EPE

Multispectrum A-Z Vital Caplets

30 capsules in folding box
• Important vitamins, minerals and trace elements
• With lutein and Q10
• Easy to swallow, thanks to the special coating Food supplement with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Multivitamin Effervescent Tablets

20 effervescent tablets
With 10 vitally important vitamins
Efficacy of the micronutrients is scientifically proven Food supplement with 10 essential vitamins.

Multivitamin + Mineral Effervescent Tablets

20 effervescent tablets
• With 10 vitamins and 3 minerals
• Efficacy of the micronutrients is scientifically proven Food supplement with essential vitamins and minerals. With sweeteners.

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