• To overcome environmental stress (cold, heat, salinity, drought, transplanting, flowering, ripening)
• On crops producing edible fruits (strawberry,melon, peach, apple, pear, table and vine grapes) to increase the sugar content
• To improve fruit quality in terms of colour, ripeness, and preservability.


Plant protection is the science and practice of managing pests, diseases and weeds that damage crops and other plants, and which can have a devastating effect on farmer livelihoods.
Evixplus S.A.R.L. is a leading expert in scientific publishing, research and information delivery for plant protection specialists.


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About Us

Evixplus sarl. was established in 2012 an agricultural company in fertilizers, plant-protection seeds, irrigation equipment, and metallic structure to the agricultural sector in Lebanon supported by a group of agricultural engineers (crop advisory team) whose main responsibility is to assist farmers in managing there farms to get optimum results. in 1990 Evixplus sarl. expand its services as a landscape developer inside Lebanon


Product Development: In addition to registered products, evixplus sarl cooperates with leading distributors, government and corporate researchers in the development of new formulations. Data are used to improved formulations and to promote effective use of existing products.
Market Development: Product promotion through participation and presentations at grower and trade.